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Online References

Merriam-Webster is America's foremost publisher of language-related reference works. The company publishes a diverse array of print and electronic products, including Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Eleventh Edition-America's best-selling desk dictionary-and Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged.

Link: www.merriam-webster.com

Cambridge Dictionary - With more than 40,000 audio recordings in British and American English you can perfect your pronunciation by clicking on the UK or US icons when you're using the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary.

Link: http://dictionary.cambridge.org

Online Catholic Encyclopedia - The Catholic Encyclopedia, as its name implies, proposes to give its readers full and authoritative information on the entire cycle of Catholic interests, action and doctrine. What the Church teaches and has taught; what she has done and is still doing for the highest welfare of mankind; her methods, past and present; her struggles, her triumphs, and the achievements of her members, not only for her own immediate benefit, but for the broadening and deepening of all true science, literature and art - all come within the scope of the Catholic Encyclopedia. It differs from the general encyclopedia in omitting facts and information which have no relation to the Church. On the other hand, it is not exclusively a church encyclopedia, nor is it limited to the ecclesiastical sciences and the doings of churchmen. It records all that Catholics have done, not only in behalf of charity and morals, but also for the intellectual and artistic development of mankind. It chronicles what Catholic artists, educators, poets, scientists and men of action have achieved in their several provinces. In this respect it differs from most other Catholic encyclopedias. The Editors are fully aware that there is no specifically Catholic science, that mathematics, physiology and other branches of human knowledge are neither Catholic, Jewish, nor Protestant; but when it is commonly asserted that Catholic principles are an obstacle to scientific research, it seems not only proper but needful to register what and how much Catholics have contributed to every department of knowledge.

Link: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen

Scribd is a document-sharing website which allows users to post documents of various formats, and embed them into a web page using its iPaper format. Scribd currently has more than 50 million monthly users and more than 50,000 documents are uploaded daily.

Link: http://www.scribd.com

KirzeN is a very unique, internationally public dictionary with multimedia content. The community welcome each new member either it want to share its knowledge or gain some. The KirzeN Dictionary contains vocabulary, definitions and even example of usage in a lot of different languages. In addition, multimedia content is attached to entertain the users of KirzeN during language learning. It is very important to see a picture or watch a video about the meaning of a word. Especially in the case when that word is completely new for you. KirzeN%u2019s database is based on mutual help. KirzeN is absolutely free of charge. There is no registration fee or monthly admission.

Link: http://www.kirzen.com/dictionaries

OneLook is an ultimate stop shop for all kinds of dictionaries. It indexed all online dictionaries in this OneLook as platform.

Link: http://www.onelook.com/

The Free Dictionary is the world's most comprehensive dictionary: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Greek, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, Russian, Medical, Legal, and Financial Dictionaries, Thesaurus, Acronyms and Abbreviations, Idioms, Encyclopedia, a Literature Reference Library, and a Search Engine all in one. In addition, you can add your own bookmarks, weather information, horoscope, and RSS feeds from anywhere on the web.

Link: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/

Cambridge Dictionaries Online is completely free of charge since 1999. The dictionaries that appear on Cambridge Dictionaries Online include: Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, Cambridge Learner's Dictionary, Cambridge Dictionary of American English, Cambridge Idiom Dictionary, Cambridge Phrasal Verb Dictionary

Link: http://dictionary.cambridge.org/

Wordsmyth is a dictionary that has several important and distinctive qualities. Chief among the distinctive features are (1) clarity, simplicity, and precision of style resulting in definitions that are more accessible than those of American college dictionaries; and (2) the integration of dictionary and thesaurus data, so that only one entry is required instead of both dictionary and thesaurus entries.

Link: http://new.wordsmyth.net/

allwords.com is an english dictionary with multi-lingual search. Available with translation in German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish and English.

Link: http://www.allwords.com/

Voycabulary is a free online web Dictionary and Thesaurus linking reference tool. Transforms words on any webpage into links to definition and word lookups in Dictionaries.

Link: http://www.voycabulary.com/

The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online is an online version of the CD-ROM of the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

Link: http://www.ldoceonline.com/

arXiv is an archive for electronic preprints of scientific papers in the fields of mathematics, physics, computer science, quantitative biology and statistics which can be accessed via the world wide web. In many fields of mathematics and physics, almost all scientific papers are placed on the arXiv. On 3 October 2008, arXiv.org passed the half-million article milestone, with roughly five thousand new e-prints added every month.

Link: http://arxiv.org/

BASE is one of the world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic open access web resources. BASE is operated by Bielefeld University Library.

Link: http://base.ub.uni-bielefeld.de/en/index.php

CiteSeerx is a scientific literature digital library and search engine that focuses primarily on the literature in computer and information science. CiteSeerx aims to improve the dissemination of scientific literature and to provide improvements in functionality, usability, availability, cost, comprehensiveness, efficiency, and timeliness in the access of scientific and scholarly knowledge.

Link: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/

Open Science Directory is a search tool for open access journals and journals in special programs for developing countries.

Link: http://atoz.ebsco.com/CustomTab.asp?id=8623&sid=253745844%u2329=en%20%20%20&TabID=602

ERIC - the Education Resources Information Center is an online digital library of education research and information. ERIC provides ready access to education literature to support the use of educational research and information to improve practice in learning, teaching, educational decision-making, and research.

Link: http://www.eric.ed.gov/

"Driven by the Marian Ignacian compassionate and humble service, St. Michael's College of Iligan City, empowers and nurtures persons to become innovative agents for social transformation"

The Instructional Media Center (IMC) of the Higher Education Department has three components; The Library, Audio-Visual Services (Audio-Visual Room, Auditorium and Conference Hall) and the Internet Access Stations. The IMC of the Basic Education Department also has the same entities; the only difference is that it has a Creativity Enhancement Center (CEC) as a part of their Audio-Visual Services.

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